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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-08-12

chichai and her sister lola >w<
(chichai is the smaller one XXD)

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Behold!! My Identity!!

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-08-09

I've lived by holding onto feelings and memories ~-w-Collapse )

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hi-hi :3

this is my very first post on my journal XXD
I havent posted anything since the day I made my account (two years ago :P) I guess I was too lazy :P
I also put tare-panda on my journal o(>w<)o
kawaii kawaii!!
credit goes to someone else XD

hmmm... I dont really know what I should write about XD
should I just talk about my day and stuff ?? (newbie hehe..)
tsk tsk me :3

well first, to my online pals that are very caring enough to read this :P (jk...) I wanna write a little intro about something that you might wanna know about me:

-im filipino (mostly)
-I can speak tagalog & english fluently
-im still learning japanese at skool
-im only 13
-i act very mature at times, but im really childish XD
-I luv lots of bands!
-I luv pinoy bands (if you do, lets talk about them ^_^)
-I luv jrock & jpop (lets talk about them too ^_^)
- I luv american bands too & german bands :)
-I listen to all kinds of music
-I always write too much on everything, like this journal :P
- I am very random :P
-very unique
-Im have a gift in drawing :D
-I play guitar
-Im the acoustic guitarist of our band at our church (christian ^_^)
-I was born in the philippines and live there for 8 yrs
-now I live here in the US, and honestly its kinda boring here without my friends in the phil. :(
-I am very shy and quiet in public
-I am short
-im very kyute XXD jk just kyute
-luv my family
-I luv bou :3
-I have certain hatred on certain kinds people :(
-I luv fashion
- I want to be in a band someday and be the guitarist/backup singer of the band (please be waiting for me ^_^)
-i am very nice (people say *laughs*)

thats it. Thank for reading my intro, I hope we have some similarities and interest ^_^ then we can be good friends nee~

enough about me :P

Today was kind of boring XD
I just stayed inside the whole day....
my summer hasnt been really fun since I came back from my vacation, in the phil.
my mom says that I just dont appreciate :( T_T
I will TRY to appreciate more mom ♥

I used up most of my day playing guitar and playing with my puppy Chichai ♥
I luv her soo much!she like a my little baby to me :P
I hope im not spoiling her :P
she is only two months old, I got her a month ago :)
My mom bought her for me because I was very depressed at that time when we came back to america (i miss my cuzins T_T)
I named her chichai because she is very tiny :3
her sister (that my cousin bought) is MUCH bigger than her
shes not growing yet T_T
she is a chiuaua poodle mixed (chi-poo) but you can see that she is more chiuaua than poodle:

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kawaii desu nee~o(>w<)o
its very hard to take a pic of her bacause she is very hyper XXD
so I take pics of her when she is sleeping

she was supposed to get neutered (my mom forced me!!) last week but she was still underweight (thank goodness XD)

also, look what I made yesterday:
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*yawns* Im getting sleepy now :P
nite-nite ^_^

oh, has anyone watched mr. bean's last holiday??
im a big mr. bean fan :P Its also his last movie :(
rowan atkinson is retiring now :( hes in his 50's now
I reccomend this movie!!its very very funny!^_^
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Current Location: my room
Current Mood: restless restless
Current Music: bomtastic-shaggy XXD

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